Yamaha R3 Has Supercharged, How His Energies?

The arrival of Yamaha R3 into line sport frankly brought a fresh breeze in the middle of belantar a motor full-fairing 300cc berkubikasi currently, especially for countries that receive could enjoy it.

In technical specifications, Yamaha R3 holding the kitchen runway 321 cc twin-cylinder, fuel injection that is recognized to have a total power of 42 hp with red line RPM up to 10750 rpm. What then will become of the thronged with performance engines supercharged?

Based on trials, such as the motociclist report, Friday (6/11), Yamaha R3 which could be earmarked for the road race and capable of applying 10000 rpm with pressure 0.7 bar. While the total powernya translucent 60 hp!

He called the Yamaha R3 Turbo. The creation of the motor this is indeed intended to get variant with Continental's price below EUR 10.000 to the citizens of Europe. But, he already has the capability of racing Moto3 classmates.

It is evidenced by the banderolan price of EUR 9.900 (Rp 145 millions), their length are far enough from the standard series with EUR 4.799 (Rp 70 millions). That is why he became the first modern Supercharged motor that is built not only for racing but also feasible way. read also : all new mx-5

A few adjustments ever made, including the replacement of the turbine exhaust pipe, discharging IHI model RHB31 and resetting ECU. The birth of the significant performance is said to be prepared so that he is indeed a strong fight in the arena of Moto3 World Championship in Italy next season.

All-New MX-5 start sent outside Japan

Compact sports car All-New Mazda MX-5 has landed in the United States (us), Thursday (2/1/2015). The unit is sent from only one plant in Hiroshima, Japan. Hundreds of units will be transported using vessel Phoenix Leader and now was waiting in the port of San Diego for distributed to dealer-dealer.

Most of the unit harga yamaha nmax non abs version of the Launch Edition, of the photographs can be seen most colored typical All-New Mazda MX-5, the Red Soul. Mazda makes only 1,000 units Launch Edition. All-New MX-5 was mendebut at the Paris Motor Show, the first production in japan began in March.

"MX-5 Launch Edition will give fans the opportunity to have one of the first, very exclusive MX-5 2016 in the u.s.," said James O'Sullivan, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations as it preached Leftlanenews, Thursday (2/7/2000)

In the u.s., the MX-5 for sale 25.735 us dollars (USD 342,7 million) following the shipping cost 820 us dollars ($ 10.9 million). Its specifications is not much different than the domestic version of Japan, using a 4-cylinder engine 2.0 powered Skyactiv 155 tk and torque 200 Nm. language design wear body Design Kodo and made more lightly than the previous generation of 75 kg. read laso : kawasaki ninja 250

Kawasaki's New Ninja 250 chassis completely new!

Many suspect, Kawasaki's New Ninja 250 is nothing more than the replacement of the original fuel supplier of injection harga viar roda tiga 2014 into the carburetor, then change clothes. The chassis is not tampered with. Assuming, the cost of research again. Such a forum memperbincangkannya bikers.

EITs, don't get me wrong. Kawasaki Heavy Industries also touched parts of the chassis. Kawasaki named it with the Diamond Style. With the redesign of chassis and harga kawasaki ninja 150rr se handling the better. Reconstruction of the Center of Gravity (CG) is located in the Steering area N250 this makes handling a bit heavy, the effect is less nimble when the maneuver.

Well ... in this latest generation of CG concentrated on the central part of the chassis, in the bottom of the diamond. It is positively impact the steering wheel became lighter, at a time when high speed is more stable, and certainly more nimble maneuver.
"Order New Ninja 250 this is really new. So do not think can be exchanged with the previous generation of "clear Freddyanto Basuki, Manager Marketing Promotion PT. & Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI).

Complaints on the previous generation of excessive vibration is reduced in the form of an additional rubber engine mounting. The origin of know it, this technology is often applied to the moge.

XT660Z Tenere And Scorpio Is Ready To Explore The Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire Adventure (RoFA), present exploring the Earth Indonesia.

"As long as we have people looking for archives of Indonesia namunpenulisnya Indonesia is a stranger there are even a few that should be gained outside of Indonesia. Therefore, together with ROF, we bring a mission other than to social activities, we also want to show the world from Indonesia to the glass eyes of a child of the nation. It was beautiful, Indonesia Indonesia's rich. And we will show the world through touring with this bike, "bukaYouk Tanzil who will lead the course of ROF this Adventure. When before, from redeem RoFA motorcycle Kawasaki KLX 250 and D Tracker 250 now changed their garputala.

This time Yamaha sponsored a stage 2 event by presenting the XT660Z Tenere toughness and Scorpio.
XT660Z Tenere was chosen because of the durability and ketangguhaannya has been tested in all fields through world-class Dakar rally event. Seven times won the Dakar rally riding Yamaha Tenere XT660Z. XT660Z Tenere's strength in the world's most challenging harga honda vario 150 cc match the terrain to be crossed on stage 2 RoFA. Where berkarakterisitik offroad route, crossing the river and crosses a long trans Sulawesi Highway and little need speed. Scorpio also will accompany the XT660Z Tenere exploring stage 2 RoFA.

Interestingly, the two women driven Scorpio (Chintara Diva and P.S.Andini) where their participation will be medan is a first experience is a distant and challenging. With the smaller size and lighter and have cc engine on the Yamaha Indonesia motor, Scorpio the best fit was selected for the woman whom the RoFA.

"Take part in this event the Yamaha proves that Yamaha is not just Getting in front in the race but also adventure. Scorpio represents local Yamaha motor can be spesifikasi dan harga ktm 1190 adventure dan adventurer r used in the long journey in medan Indonesia. And with sales skyrocketed in February 2012, Scorpio is increasingly strengthened the ranks of motor sport category along with Yamaha V-Ixion and Fz16, "said Eko Prabowo, General Manager of Marketing and Communication for the Yamaha Indonesia.

For stage 2 XT660Z Tenere RoFA used 5 (first in Indonesia) and 3 Scorpio. Journey performed during the 60 days is a little over 12 thousand kilometers, starting from Makassar, Sulawesi on April 8, 2012 and finish in Jakarta. Stage 2 expedition includes 15 cities and Islands of Sulawesi (Pitung, Manado, Tomohon, Gorontalo, Togian Islands, hammer, Buton Island, the land of Toraja, Makassar) as well as 10 cities and Islands in Maluku (Saparua, Banda Naira, the island of Buru, Bacan Island Island, Tidore, Ternate, Halmahera, Morotai Island).

The Ring of Fire Adventure is a journey of a father and his sons on a mission to reveal the wonders, the beauty and the reality of their homeland, Indonesia. A unique expedition over this bike easier browsing them to leave the metropolitan skyline and uncover the real Indonesia with. Expedition RoFA is divided into five major stages. The first stage began on 30 April 2011 at Kupang, Timor, past more than 6,000 miles and nine provinces to reach the point of destination in Jakarta. The first phase of the expedition took 50 days and an experienced team leader kecelakan, Youk Tanzil, which will be broadcast by MetroTV per 21: 05 in April 2012.

TVS Launches New Matik in Indonesia in June 2013

Reluctant still viewed the matik market continues to grow, PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia-(TVS-MCI) has also been prepared with her new matik. The moment of launch harga honda vario techno 125 pgm-fi will be conducted amid the roar of Pekan Raya Jakarta, June 2013 to come.

Reportedly the original India matik this will go in harga honda supra x 125 helm in bekas the most crowded classes namely matik low entry, there already exists a Honda BeAT, Yamaha Mio Suzuki also Nex J. Hence, in any specification will not be much different from when kompetitonya.

This bike really developed for the market of Indonesia. Fundamentally there are indeed some differences between design in Indonesia and India matik. In the land of water, the wheel circumference of 14 inches and a dimension that is not too large so the model of interest.

Unfortunately for technology, new TVS matik this will still use Carburetors, not to enter the era of injection as did the manufacturer Japan.

"But obviously, price is competitive deh," sure Nurlida Fatmikasari, Corporate Communication TVS-MCI without want to mention details of the price.

RP 11 million seems quite affordable!

Although Not Launching, Best-selling Sweet Dazz TVS in PRJ

Motor matic first production of TVS, TVS Dazz exhibited at Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) interesting enough to have visitors animo. The proof, of 100 units sold, the remaining 20 currently living units.

"Currently, there are indeed new Dazz TVS in PRJ, yet no other dealer-dealer's. The initial 100 units marketed by inden system, which will be harga ducati 899 panigale malaysia sent to consumers three weeks after title PRJ. Until recently lived the remaining 20 units of motorcycles, "said Muchlis, Sales-TVS in PRJ.

To order it, the visitor simply gives the sign harga bmw s1000rr indonesia so at least Rp 100 thousand for the motor which dibanderol for Rp 9.9 million. Muchlis gave leakage, if new Dazz TVS will be hanging out at the dealer-dealer TVS after lebaran later.

"So, if you want to be the first one got TVS Dazz Yes just to be had in this PRJ," said Muchlis. Dazz TVS feature the flagship in the form of a mobile phone charger, available in three colors: white, red, and green.

2014 Yamaha YZF-R125

New Yamaha YZF-R125 has launched a few days ago with bringing a number of revisions. A matter of design, YZF-R125 latest indeed eye-catching thanks to a little design inspiration from his older brother yoiku the R6. But the engine and chassis design almost identical to the Yamaha Vixion, meaning both embraced a deltabox frame.

It's just that the price might be able to make people's heads geleng-geleng Indonesia, but wait that's the price for residents of the United Kingdom with harga minerva rx 150 new currencies Pound Sterling aka GBP. Design drool but scratching scratch your head look is price. The old model was sold for £ 4,349 (GBP) or equivalent to Rp 85.4 million. 85 million ndroo, kuwi pensioner duit? Aja GAK, mix TOILET tissue paper.

But it's a reasonable price for the United Kingdom market, given the competing i.e. Honda CBR125R (model 2013) dibanderol for £ 3,599 or spesifikasi dan harga tvs apache rtr 180 approximately USD 71 million. While 2014 KTM RC125 this year went on sale for £ 4,499 in United Kingdom or approx. USD $ 88,9 million. Even more crazy prices for KTM RC125 right?

Yamaha: The True Rival Honda Verza Soon Haul!!

Honda won the sports segment, then Yamaha Indonesia fires that beard is reasonable. Bitter tragedies such as those in the segment for Yamaha matic may be repeated a second time if they still leha-leha only. What's the problem? Fierce sport Honda product harga kawasaki ninja zx14r indonesia fair are many and varied in number, thus the current consumers are treated to a variety of models. Not to mention the Kawasaki team has just released their new bully "Ninja RR Mono". Wanna say what else, still daring to nunda R25?

Well, the entry-level sport model rumornya will be one of the targets of the tuning fork manufacturers this year, positioned to beat up Honda Verza. Yamaha says that the true harga kawasaki ninja h2 dan h2r 2015 rival of the Verza will be launched this year and bring new capacity 150cc motorbike engine. it's done because great looking Yamaha this year, where the country's sportbike segment continues to grow and develop.

"The market's growing sports sepedamotor make Yamaha sportbike class enliven will decide. We will be introducing in this year with a capacity of 150cc motorbike ", said Dyonisius Beti (boss Yamaha Indonesia).

Rumornya that the sport's new entry-level Yamaha will use base Yamaha SZ-S and SZ-RR, which is currently pitch on the market of India. None other could not also because Yamaha Fz16 (Indonesia) and Yamaha FZ (India) using the same base, just a different title only to brow. But the problem is that the base Yamaha SZ is still unclear, so rumors are peppered with science gossip aka rubbed add sipss.

This year's proverbial tancap gas already in the AHM segment of the sport, while Yamaha still benahin starter. That's why the slogan advertising alone is not enough to beat your opponent, Yes in fact could be a boomerang.

Yamaha R25 Components Made In China

Yamaha R25 rumored to be hitting the market sport Indonesia in June, it issues a release schedule that most santer preached. While Yamaha Indonesia lately have been undoing the diverse spesifikasi dan harga honda beat esp dan pop esp terbaru components of the R25 homeland in various blogs. But the decisive blow RR Ninja Mono can not be refuted with a kick 99 shadow, making consumer split into two views regarding the upcoming sport products.

The most excited, some time ago the Motor Maniacs publish reports that Yamaha R25 will be using components made in China and it is already selected Yamaha. Auto parts will be produced in the bamboo curtain country, according to harga kawasaki ninja zx10r 2014 the Motor Maniacs bro. Allow to reduce the selling price of R25 to competitive against players such as Ninja and CBR? Because membanderol will reportedly YIMM R25 under official Ninja 250R price Fi. Specials story? I Dunno.

However, so far the Yamaha does not give official confirmation of the report concerned, true or not still so the masked hero picture puzzles. If so, it Rookery as well bro certainly. In fact it could be months residents. Tau itself is right how does consumer view Indonesia against China-made two-wheeled products aka Mochin.

Quality standards quality Yamaha kudu applied in China and said the production cost lower, the effect is also sold in Indonesia with a price that is much more competitive. But that does not mean the Yamaha R25 later so cheap products of China's motor aka Mochin, said Motor Maniacs. Yes cringe too coy if until so Mochin, maneuvering one could turn 360 degrees.

Ngomongin cheap prices, then want dibanderol how Yamaha R25 later? Given the New Ninja 250R dibanderol for Rp 52,9 million, while the Honda CBR250R (standard) was sold for USD $ 48.95 million and Ninja RR Mono is yet to hit the market with around Usd 39 million. Wait for the next update. The more heat, the fan where the fan is.

Competition Results Dragbike Sukoharjo There Satria FU Class Standard Ported!

There are unique in racing straight title King of Battle Competition Drag Bike Championship Mizzle Hydra 2014 series 5 that took harga ktm rc200 di indonesia place on a street circuit Solo Baru. That class also held OMR standard FU local ported residency Solo.

This class is popular and only in the city of Solo. Mahmud Arjuna the podium in the class harga honda pcx 150 cc welcomed the new Solo drag bike.

"This class 'Soloan' fit also be held on the highway. Note good time can also be achieved when a good location, "said the 19-year gain time 08.285 seconds in the 201-meter track.

Many Yang select the Right Track
Some drivers seem choosing the right lane in action. Apparently there is, it is said Eko Eko Sulistyo or Kodox.

"Right Lane smooth and slick baseball. Unlike the one on the left. There was a line of road markings, road markings when stepped on the motor so baseball is stable," sure Eko.

Alfan Cebonk biker drag from East Java who faced cute it also argues matching. "If the slippery hard can a good time," so why

So Champion, Ferry Ocktane Bring Home Suzuki Satria FU

So overall winner One Make Race Suzuki Satria FU 2014, Ferry Ocktane entitled to bring home harga ktm super duke 1290 r 2014 one unit of Suzuki Satria FU as the grand prize. This title is achieved after OMR Suzuki at the Sentul circuit, Bogor, West Java (2/11). This West Java racers collect the highest points of all participants.

Driver's brother Arie Ocktane previously harga ktm rc390 di malaysia been dropped in Motorpix, then follow Matic Race. He also fell in the national championship motorcycle racing 150 cc Open and Indoprix 150 cc class. Having become the overall winner, 21-year racer mash will plunge yet know where else.

"We want to motor sport but do not know," he said.

While the second and third final standings after the series finished 5 Dedi Please and Adi Bolang who each got cash $ 8 and 4 million.

Points Series 1 Scorched Otherwise, AM Fadly Champion OMR CBR150R

Although only come 3 of 5 series, AM Fadly overall winner one make race or racing a Honda CBR150R. ASP Racing Team Honda rider beat league leaders M Febriansyah.

Although only 3 times a fight, Fadly able to collect the highest point of his opponents. This is somewhat controversial decision because the harga yamaha yzf r3 indonesia first series points, where Fadly not participate, expressed as a non-event series.

That is, the first series of points that have been collected other participants are not counted because the event was harga yamaha mio m3 125 blue core terbaru attended by senior drivers.

In the series premiere, Wawan Hermawan become champion. Followed Iswandi Muis and the late Denny Triyugo. They are senior Honda rider revealed to enliven the race.

"The decision finally, series 1 dihitug non series aka no points. Overall champion remained AM Fadly, "Agung Prasetyo Teran, CBR150R OMR coordinator who was named OMR CB150R.
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